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Complete Contracting Solutions

Michigan Mobile Pressure Washing

From pressure washing to painting to concrete work

Commercially Insured

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a contractor that is under-insured or even worse, not insured at all! Our company takes your peace of mind seriously, obtaining the state’s maximum insurance limits of $3,000,000.

Professionally Licensed

When you hire a contractor for any service around your home or business you want to make sure that they know what they are doing. We maintain a professional license to assure you that we have the knowledge to complete your job correctly.

Years of Experience

Book knowledge only goes so far without actual on the job experience, and we have plenty of that! Our years of service here in Michigan means there isn’t a situation or job that we haven’t seen…and conquered!

Featured Services

Building Cleaning

Complete Contracting Solutions provides building washing services that enhance curb appeal and secure the long-term well being of your structure.


Catch Basin Repair

The team at Complete Contracting Solutions repairs or replaces heaved or sunken asphalt to ensure that your drainage system works smoothly.


Commercial Painting

Complete Contracting Solutions offers commercial interior and exterior painting expertise to help your building but its best foot forward.


Concrete Pad Services

Whether it’s where you place your garbage, recycling, or vehicles, our team will restore the space’s sanitation and cleanliness.